Poster: The Crow

Here’s my latest print: The Crow, inspired by the Brandon Lee’s 1994 movie of the same name. I knew that I had to draw it someday because, for me, it’s one of my favorite films from the ’90s!



The year this movie arrived, 1994, was my first at the university — what is a milestone per se. Not only that but Brandon Lee’s accidental death with a prop gun has granted this film a tragic and weighed down interest. Besides, the soundtrack, full of goth, metal, industrial and alt-rock that was, mostly, on top of the charts (and heard all of them through a now-defunct radio station from Rio, Fluminense FM !).

But this is now history. Fast forward to today and here is my latest poster, inspired by The Crow! It was a pleasure to relive old, faded memories to draw this character.

After some rough sketches, I decided to finish the one that has Eric Draven as if he’s staring at the stars, apparently getting over some sad and emotive feelings. This choice was also supposed to avoid from the character’s truly unsettling stare, which is something I’ve seen so many times in other posters.



The main light source came from the top left, without being revealed (the moon…?) and also highlighting the creepy skyline under the eerie vertical lines. Over that landscape, there’s the crow silhouette appearing through the broken window — the one from the apartment where Eric Draven has been thrown out the window.



I designed an artwork that could be as dark and gritty in the aesthetics as the film, having a mysterious mood, though in a subtle tone, according to my own artistic style. That’s the idea behind the color palette in this poster, which is narrowed to only 6 colors that evoke the nocturnal ambiance of this film.

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