Marvel Super Heroes: Close-Up

Marvel Super Heroes: Close Up is my new ongoing poster series. I started it with 3 posters with a face close-up of some of my favorite Marvel heroes: Hulk, Daredevil and Iron Man. All of them with an 80s inspired style which can be seen not only in the drawing itself for the heroes, as on the poster appearance — a kind of rough, matchbook print reflected on the textures I used in this artwork.

Since inspiration may come from many sources, I must say that, for this series, a cover from an old Brazilian movie magazine, Set, inspired me. The magazine stopped running in print some years ago, but in 2003, when the first (failed) Hulk movie was released, Set’s cover had a big close up of Hulk’s face. Then, I stumbled upon that cover on the web some weeks ago, and I came up with this idea.

As a child of the ’80s, I was heavily influenced by everything from Saturday morning cartoons on TV to the monthly published comics — whose most iconic publication, for me, was titled here in Brazil as Heróis da TV (TV Heroes, in a literal translation). So, naturally, this idea was going through my head during the creation of these posters. Memories…

For this vintage aesthetic, I decided to use a halftone effect only for the face drawings, since this kind of printing technique is the one that best reflects my growing up years — you probably have seen this in old comics: the continuous tone simulation through the use of dots, something very common in the ’80s and also in the ’90s.



So, for a moment, within this poster series, I’m back to a time when the Marvel heroes made my days and showed me the world I’d discover decades later.

Interference: a little tip on the creation of this series. Regarding the Max Radius (in Color Halftone settings in Photoshop), you have to know that the smaller the Max Radius is, the smaller the dots will be — and, thus this will affect the overall looking (not to mention that there are many ways to create halftones).

For the images in these posters, as an example, I choose 10px for the Max Radius. This way, the effect is mostly seen in the printed version, not that much on the screen. In the end, with this simple step, the image was ready to be placed on the poster file, where I made further adjustments to the final image. [See this project].



Update: This project was featured on Creativepool‘s home page! 😊

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