Fancy Books

What if Doctor (Stephen) Strange had written a book about how to wisely open your mind to another dimension? Or even Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, had written a memoirs book based on his long life? That’s what I thought when I came up with the idea of creating Fancy Books, an imaginary collection of books that’s never been written (and that never will, I think), but I wish they had been!



The concept was fairly simple: the titles for these books are, actually, the taglines of the films based off of some Marvel heroesDoctor Strange, Captain America, Professor X (X-Men) and The Punisher (thanks, IMDB!). Though, the trick, here, is that I’ve used their “real names” on the book covers.

Furthermore, the characters I chose couldn’t wear any masks to cover their identities or, at least, they had to be known by their real names in the comic books (or in the movies) storylines. It wouldn’t make any sense a supposed “actual” book without their real names otherwise.

The fonts which I chose for these “books” are the same fonts from the films’ titles (Doctor Strange, 2016; Captain America, 2011; X-Men, 2000 and The Punisher, in this case, the opening titles — way back, 1989! Wow!). To give to the project an authentic look, I used a foil effect over the typography, which is the most efficient way of sparking the magpie instinct in readers or collectors of hardcover books.



I thought it was intriguing to experiment with the colors for each book, according to the characters. In the end, I tried to stay with those that better refer to the heroes. (Though, when I finished, I felt pretty sure that a deep blue shade could be great too for Frank Castle/The Punisher’s book.)

I also redesigned each one of the graphics for the book covers. The intention was just representing, in the foreground, the symbol or visual element that could instantly create a link between the character’s “real name” and the well-known hero’s name that everyone knows.

There are two things that it’s worth pointing out: for Xavier’s book cover, the inspiration for the colors and the iconic ” x” belt itself came from the awesome X-Men Grand Design comic book, by Ed Piskor. In the case of Frank Castle’s cover, I tried to be not that scary at reinterpreting the famous skull logo of the Punisher.

Last, but not least, I have also created the accompanying posters for the books…



…loosely inspired by the transcending design of Saul Bass. [See this project].

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