The Alphabet of Games: a nostalgic poster

I created my latest poster with a lot of nostalgia: The Alphabet of Games! It’s an A-Z print made up entirely of letters from classic retro games titles, including cult classics such as Castlevania and Tetris.

The inspiration came from playing old and lovely Super Nintendo games (of course, on the beloved Super NES Classic mini!). I noticed that most games had a nice and unique logos on the package, which are still relevant and highly recognizable today.

So, for the sake of this list, I thought I should keep it limited to video games from the ’80’s and ’90’s — simply the golden era of games, in my opinion. It’s also, a very happy period of my life — my youth just before going to the university and a few years later, after the graduation — when I used to play all those titles depicted in the poster.



If you get stuck to find out all the letters, there’s an A-Z key of answers on the bottom of this post.

It’s been exactly a year since I started this project, and it was shelved because of regular jobs and other personal projects that got ahead. But now it was time to finish this poster, with a slightly different alphabet, as the letters P and T were changed — originally meant to stand for Punch Out and Tomb Raider. Even so, those games are undoubtedly huge absences on this list!



Besides some of my favorite Super NES titles, I’ve also added some games from NES, Genesis/Mega Drive, Game Boy, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and arcades. Each one of them has a massive importance on the history of video games. How many can you recognize?



When I finished, I felt pretty sure that it’s a nostalgic poster that strongly reminds me of one of the happiest years of my life!

This poster is AVAILABLE NOW on my Threadless shop and also on my Colab 55 shop (for Brazil only).

PS.: I listened to the Quake soundtrack while I finished the poster and I had forgotten how great it was! It’s Nine Inch Nails at its best and I highly recommend it!


The list of games on the poster:

Altered Beast (Mega Drive/Genesis), Battletoads (NES), Castlevania (NES), Double Dragon (NES), Earthworm Jim (Super NES), Final Fight 2 (Super NES), Golden Axe (Mega Drive/Genesis), Hang On, Super (Mega Drive/Genesis), International Superstar Soccer (Super NES), Joe & Mac (NES), Kirby’s Adventure (NES), Lemmings (Super NES), Mario World, Super (Super NES), Ninja Gaiden (NES), Out Run (Mega Drive/Genesis), Pokemon (Game Boy), Quake (Saturn), Resident Evil (PlayStation), Street Fighter II (Arcade), Tetris (Game Boy), Ultimate Mortal Kombat (Super NES), Virtua Fighter (Arcade), Wing Commander (Super NES), X, Mega Man (Super NES), Yoshi’s Cookie (Super NES), Zelda, The Legend of (NES).

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